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Renate M. Mueller, CA – Business History

Member of the B.C. Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1976.

Renate Mueller, CA has formed a new company to offer their services to more Canadian brokerages, after more than 8 years of advising Canadian insurance brokerages on mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, and executive search process as the former president of AMAC.

In 1984 Renate purchased a property & casualty insurance brokerage from her parents. As a brokerage business owner for 16 years her primary focus was on business development and commercial client servicing. In this new role, she was a guest speaker on numerous occasions at clients’ annual general meetings.

Prior to that she had been employed by Revenue Canada Taxation as a fraud investigator for tax evasion for 8 years and subsequently joined Price Waterhouse Chartered Accountants for three years in Special Services Division advising small to medium sized clients.


10 Important Questions to Ask Your Consultant

  1. What are the current industry trends?
  2. How much are insurance brokerages currently selling for?
  3. Is Renate M. Mueller aware of any brokerages that are on the market?
  4. Does Renate M. Mueller have any clients who are interested in buying?
  5. What is Renate M. Mueller’s business evaluation process?
  6. I am having difficulty selling my business. Can Renate M. Mueller help me?
  7. How does Renate M. Mueller approach the executive search process?
  8. Can Renate M. Mueller assist with succession planning?
  9. What additional services does Renate M. Mueller Consultants provide?
  10. How does Renate M. Mueller charge for its services?