Consulting Services


Additional consulting services are provided to insurance brokerages on a national basis for business evaluations, expert opinions and succession planning purposes. Educational seminars are regularly presented to industry association members for continuing education credits.

Business Evaluations

Renate M. Mueller and her team of specialists provide business evaluations for:

  • succession planning
  • partnership disputes
  • sale price for prospective vendors
  • purchase price for prospective purchasers
  • producer books of business and,
  • litigation.

Advice and Opinions

Renate M. Mueller can provide advice and expert witness opinions for law suits and mediation for:

  • brokerage owners;
  • producers;
  • law firms; and,
  • accounting firms


Renate M. Mueller regularly conducts licensing credit seminars and other presentations for provincial brokerage associations, the chartered insurance professionals’ society, brokers, companies and other industry associations.

Succession Planning

Renate M. Mueller provides succession planning consulting services to brokerage owners  as well a consulting succession planning seminars for the property and casualty insurance industry Canada wide.

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