Former AMAC President forms new consulting firm for the Canadian insurance industry. Renate M. Mueller Consultants Inc. to take insurance industry mergers and acquisitions and succession planning to a new level.

VANCOUVER, August 2, 2011 – After more than 8 years advising Canadian insurance brokerages on mergers, acquisitions, succession planning and the executive search process as President of AMAC Consulting Inc., Renate Mueller, CA has formed a new company to offer their services to more Canadian brokerages.

Renate M. Mueller Consultants Inc., officially launched on August 1, 2011 following the cessation of an operating company, guides clients through the business divestment process and brings the mergers and acquisitions business to a “new level,” says President Renate Mueller.

Existing AMAC Consultants clients will be assigned to the responding partner who has been working on their respective projects and will see a seamless transition to the new entity. Vancouver-based Renate M. Mueller Consultants Inc, focuses on all aspects of business, with a specialty in mergers and acquisitions.

“There’s such a huge demand with the demographics of the baby boomers requiring mergers and acquisitions services, either to divest themselves of their business entities or alternately the younger group, who are the beginning of the boomer age looking to buy businesses,” said Renate Mueller.

Mueller says the newly formed consulting group has the expertise to guide organizations through succession planning, executive search and business profitability and ultimately help with selling or buying.

“Succession planning is a very difficult, cumbersome process,” she said. “Clients that thought they should do it by themselves should come to us because we’re going to simplify the whole process and take the stress and responsibility away from them so they can continue on with what they do best, which is running their businesses.”

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